Best Horse Rugs For You In 2018


Horse rugs are designed to protect horses from harsh weather elements such as overheating in warmer temperatures and providing warmth during the coldest months of the year. There is a variety to choose from, and it is essential to consider the horse’s needs while selecting the best horse rugs for them. The primary quality that everyone is always looking for is that they should be waterproof and breathable, but there are different types of horses which will require different designs and cuts. Below are some of the best horse rugs online that are on the market.

Premier Equine Buster Zero Rug

It has excellent water repellency. It has a full length and detachable neck which is a plus for you. The best part about this one is that it is generously sized. It will suit many horses of different sizes without any problem at all.

Bucas Rug

It is one of the most famous horse rugs for a reason. Bucas rugs are top quality and have amazing features. Many top riders choose this particular brand hence it is an excellent choice for you. It comes in many types such as Bucas Power, Celtic, Shamrock Cooler and Buzz-Off rugs. The Bucas power turnout rug comes with a stay-dry anti-bacterial lining that dries the wet horse and can be left on it avoiding any extra changes.

WeatherBeeta ComfiTec Rug

When it comes to comfortability, this one scores big. It is very comfortable and durable. It has a strong 1200D outer. Its design is also outstanding and comes in a variety of colours which you can choose from. It also has a side gusset that is used for natural movement and adjustable, removable leg straps to ensure that the fit is secure and very comfortable. It also has a relief pad that has memory foam that contours to the whole body of the horse. In addition to all this, it has a hidden safety style buckle that is at the front of the rug.

Fieldmaster Standard Neck Rug

It has a tri-vent shoulder gusset that helps in making it a comfortable fit for your horse. It also ensures that there is freedom of movement. It has an anti-rub lining and is fully waterproof, protecting the horse from rain and make it comfortable. It has memory foam sections at its wither to relieve pressure on this sensitive area. It also does not wear and tear fast which is a plus for you.No one wants a horse rug that is not durable.

Bridleway Whistler Combo rug

It has an integrated neck cover that avoids seams and makes it less fussy fitting the rug than when there is a separate neck cover. This feature also saves on time to put it on the horse. It has an outer layer with a ripstop that fastens under the neck of the horse with a firm double-sided touch that is strong.

There are many horse rugs to choose from. The best horse rugs take care of your horse’s needs and ensure that it is comfortable. With the above rugs, you are undoubtedly making the right choice for your horse.